Hello guys, it’s us again, having another go at blogging, this week we wanted to help you cope with your roots at home. Many of you may have seen Amy’s video telling you all to step away from the box dyes. However, we now understand the thought of going at least another 6-8 weeks with no colour is not a great thought, so we wanted to bring you three tips to help you.

Root sprays, eye shadow and mascara

Many of you may have already used these and they are great products for every day use. They last until your hair is washed and are simple and easy to use. All these products can be found in supermarkets and come in a range of shades. You can also use mascara which most have at home in their make up bags to shade in your roots and cover greys if you have dark hair. None of these products will work though if your hair is naturally dark and you’re wanting to be lighter.

Headbands and head scarfs

If you’re not too worried about colouring your hair, or have dark hair naturally and you’re usually light, then try to incorporate a headband or scarf to your every day look. Thankfully headbands are in fashion this season and you can find some beautiful patterns. And if you’ve every wanted to pull off the look of wearing a head scarf then why not give it a try!
Have a look at @ohbettyjean on Instagram for tutorials and to access her Etsy page to order one.

The dreaded box dye

‘The big bad home dye’. Now we know we always tell you to step away from the box dye, however … we understand that for many of you the thought of potentially going another 6-8 weeks with roots is horrible. So, with this in mind we ask that if you are going to colour your hair at home that you understand this may have implications on your next appointment in the salon. Before having your colour appointment in the salon, all we ask if that you are honest with us, as you will need to come in for a new skin test and strand test. This will show your colourist how the home colour may have affected you hair and also if more time is needed for your appointment. We also ask that if your natural hair is darker than your desired colour or you have highlights, that you DON’T use a home colour, as this is a completely different ball game! One thing with home dyes is semi-permanent does not mean it will be out of your hair after 8-10 washes so please be honest, even if you have used one these. And we WILL know, we are professionals! If you’re ever in doubt then please contact your stylist and ALWAYS do your patch test!

We hope this had helped and you can embrace your natural colour or try the root sprays before going for something more permanent.

Stay home and stay safe, love Amy, Tracy and Lorna xx

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