Hello and welcome to our last blog during lockdown, don’t worry our blogs will continue once we are back up and running and in full swing. So to end our lockdown blogs we wanted to share with you all what our team has been up to and a bit about how they feel about returning to the salon. We can’t wait to see you all in the salon!

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all well! Lockdown has definitely not been a quiet one for me, its amazing how many jobs around the house you find yourself doing. I’ve found a new love in crafts so been busy making personalised shadow boxes for birthday presents! Although it’s been lovely getting things done around the house and spending more time with Kris, I’ve definitely missed the feeling of having my scissors and comb in hand. I cant wait to see some of your home hair cuts and colours and I also look forward to catching up with so many of you! See you soon!! Laurie

So lock down for many of us is coming to an end and a more “normal” life is starting to come back. My lock down has been filled mostly with the company of my four legged boy, we’ve spent many days outside enjoying our little village. My husband has worked all the way through lock down so from time to time it’s been a little lonely. However having 14 Saturdays off in a row has been amazing, having two days together as a couple has been something I will treasure and miss, even if we haven’t done much its nice to just enjoy our garden. We have been so lucky with the weather we have had, and its been nice to sit in the garden, top up my tan and enjoy a bit of afternoon drinking. But now I’m ready to get back to what I love and stand behind that chair. Although for all of us its going to be completely different to what we know we are ready for it!

During lockdown I have been trying to keep my mind occupied with online hairdressing training, and have enjoyed learning new tips that I can use once back in the salon. I have also been busy with those around the house jobs that always fall to the bottom of the list! I felt like I was really missing the feeling of being creative so I have taught myself macramé and have been doing other arts and craft projects. I am really looking forward to getting back to seeing all the Talking Heads team and my lovely clients, can’t wait to catch up with everyone. Just hope the 7am alarms aren’t too difficult!

Since the beginning of lockdown I have managed to focus my time on other hobbies ad interest I have. Such as; drawing, painting and exercising. It has been nice to relax and take some time out even under these terrible circumstances. However I am looking forward to getting back into work and helping people feel and look amazing!

Whilst I am very much looking forward to seeing all my clients again, I will be sad that full on family time will be over. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions trying to home school the kids and keeping them entertained in a fun way too! A 10ft pool in the garden has certainly helped however added to the never ending jobs that kids create! I’ve loved having the time to spend with my girls but as they say “All good things come to an end”

If this lockdown has taught me anything it’s to really appreciate absolutely everything every day brings and to be more positive. I’ve had the chance to really look after myself and to help out my family that have needed it. I’ve been training hard and I’ve found a new love for cycling and walking again, trying to do at least 20 miles 4 times a week. On my rest days I’ve been spending time with my niece and nephew which is absolutely fab! I’ve grown such a beautiful and strong bond with them both as well as learning song lyrics to most of their programmes. I never thought the lockdown would have lasted 15 weeks and I’m excited to see all my lovely clients again.

Lockdown has been a funny old thing, the initial novelty of being “Little Miss Domesticated” was great …. 6 weeks in and I’m literally tearing my hair out!! Cleaning, cooking, exercing, cleaning, cooking, exercising … blah blah blah! Never mind teenage boys and the endless supermarket shops! Anyway I’ve cried, laughed and ate and drank too much … missed my family and some really important birthdays got cancelled … but I’m fit and well ready to find my “new normal” … finally I did commit the cardinal sin … yes I cut my own fringe … no I’m not a hairdresser … yes the biggest regret ever!

Now roll on Saturday!!
Stay safe and we can’t wait to see you all!

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