Hello and welcome to Talking Heads Lincoln first blog! So lets see how we go shall we, we are hairdressers by trade but thought we would try and crack the world of blogging! We had hoped to start our blogs at a more “normal” time but then we thought why not help our clients as much as we can at this time.

We wanted to bring you our five top tips on how you can help your hair during lock down. Lets face it we aren’t going anywhere so now is the time to give your hair the rest it deserves.

1 – Embrace your natural waves and curls
As only your household and the people you come across in the supermarket are seeing you why not see what your natural hair texture really is. By using a mouse or curl cream in a scrunching motion will help to hold and show your natural texture, leave to air dry or use a diffuser.

2 – Wash your hair less frequently
Normally wash your hair every day or every other? Why not try going an extra day or two. No ones going to see them greasy roots and eventually your hair will get used to its new routine, and who doesn’t want to wash their hair less? Washing your hair less frequently will help to promote a healthy scalp and shinier hair. Try a dry shampoo for that extra day.

3 – Do more treatments
Now we all have more time on our hands why not add a treatment to your hair routine, look at using a mask that’s aimed specifically at your hair problems. Alfaparf Milano Nutrive mask is designed to add moisture to dry hair, Olaplex is also a fantastic treatment for all hair types by strengthening the hair from the inside out. Try leaving it over night for a real boost!

4 – Give your hair a rest from heat
Normally straighten your hair every day? Try and leave a day out or tie it up more often. This will help prevent split ends whiched are removed when your hair is cut. If your not feeling brave enough to give up the straightneners just yet then if you have a pair that has a heat setting on like the Cloud Nine straightner then turn them down, this can make a huge impact on your hair. But always make sure your straighteners are never over 180*

5 – Wear your hair up more
Wearing your hair up is a great way to use less heat and embrace your natural texture. Make sure when you are wearing it up that its loose, try braids, a loose pony or for a more alternative look space buns. This will help to prevent breakage from the friction of the tight bobble. Use bobbles such as Invisibobble to prevent breakage.

We hoped this helped and we can’t wait to welcome you all back into the salon soon.
Stay safe and stay home, love Lorna & Amy x

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