Hey we are back….it’s been such a busy couple of months since we reopened but we thought today being our 36 year anniversary I’d share some memorable moments….in my 15 years with the team I’ve seen some amazing talent grow, been involved in so many events, worked with and continue to work with an amazing team.

This weird time of ‘new normal’, arriving to work dressed more like a surgeon than a hairdresser has definitely made me reflective about my 15 years here.

My inspiration, support, friendship, shoulder to cry on through it all has been the wonderful Keith Reeve, he first opened the door on 1st September 1984 and has kept it open for so much talent and customers alike. Trying to narrow down my personal highlights is difficult because there are so many, but here are a few

First day 31st August 2005……nervous, excited but made feel part of the ‘Talking Heads’ family instantly. That year we celebrated our 21 year anniversary with a brilliant hair show at what is now ‘Home’ nightclub. I had only been here a couple of weeks but realised what a great decision I had made. Fast forward 4 years and again another celebration 25 year hair show at The Lawn. Yes, we have a definite theme of hair shows during my time but always such an achievement, did I mention the 30 Year anniversary show!

My favourite times are spent with the team, working with clients, learning new skills, trips to Valencia & cruises to Morocco with Keith…I am lucky and privileged to be part of this team…..here’s to next 15 years (yes I’m that young!)

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