After 4 weeks of lockdown number 3 we really hope everyone is feeling ok and not going to stir crazy.

All of us have been busy trying to fill our time before the brain goes to mush lol! Here is what we’ve been up to this month…..

We have discovered that WOW do we have an extraordinary amount of skill! Some we’ve always had and some newly learned.

All in all what a great team, much more than just hairdressing we are home schoolers, puzzle makers, takeaway delivery cyclists, artists, craft makers, even getting the pets involved! And of course, we are dedicated to our passion and are still at home practising new hair techniques on the reliable ‘dolls head’ as well as taking part in some online training.

Our featured picture collage is some of what the team have been up to, unfortunately I don’t have a drum roll but………….from the left portrait

Pic 1….wow Sofia is the puzzle master, 1000 pieces, great patience!
Pic 2…. Training! despite the scary looking Mannequin Kiera you are nailing the perm practice
Pic 3…. our home-schooling mum Tracy, not an easy time, doing an amazing job
Pic 4….our favourite cat ‘Baggy’ playing dress up for Aly!
Pic 5…. Emma with some of her handmade/painted coasters and paintings…so talented
Pic 6…. crafter Laurie and her partner making amazing home accessories
Pic 7…. As always Amy keeping up to date with the latest colour training and products from Alfaparf, ready to share with everyone when we get back!
Pic 8… Anyone for takeaway! Well done Emma for using your time to feed us and get fit!

It seems the common theme is that we have all expanded our creativity and patience! I have discovered a newfound love for cycling (thank you Santa for my new Christmas bike!) And Keith has discovered the stress AND the enjoyment of moving to a new house!

We know how tough this time is and will continue to be for a little while longer, but from all the team please stay safe, keep busy, discover new talents…. we will be back as soon as we can even stronger than before!

Remember if you do need any advice on looking after your hair or if you want to share what you have been up to you can always message on our social media

Stay safe! And we’ll see you soon, Lorna & the team xx

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