Hello guys and welcome to another blog, this week with the weather being so glorious we knew many of you would be having to deal with the dreaded frizz! We know we are, so we wanted to bring you 6 tips on how you could manage your frizz at home.

So how is frizz caused? Frizz is due to a lack of moisture in your hair, your cuticle will be rough and when the weather is humid its the perfect recipe for frizz! The outer layer of your hair then takes the moisture from the air causing your hair to swell and frizz.

So here’s our 6 ways to help reduce and tame your frizz;

1 – Use a leave-in conditioner
Moisturising leave-in conditioners have become more popular over the past few years, they involve minimal effort and produce great results. Some people can be afraid of leave-in conditioners as they worry they may weigh their hair down. Alfaparf Milano Nutrive leave-in conditioner is lightweight and packed full of moisture. This helps to smoothen the hair fibre, making it easier to control and gives a radiant and silky finish. Pair this with a moisture shampoo for the perfect combination.

2 – Use a oil
Oils also add moisture to dry hair, a small amount goes a long way! In the salon we love Moroccan Oil! Oil can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing took. Moroccan Oil leaves hair feeling soft and silky while adding moisture and repairing the hair. As they can be used on dry hair they are a great product to have in your bag, add a small amount to them frizzy areas for instant smoothness.

3 – Braid your hair
Now we all understand many people aren’t going out at the minute and may not have access to some of these products, so why not try styling your hair in a way to hide the frizz, sneaky but effective! Try things like braids, space buns or a classic top knot, for clients with shorter hair try a quiff or as Lorna likes to call it a twist and grip! This will remove the hair from your face and also hide that frizzy fringe.

4 – Use a moisturising mask weekly
Using a moisture mask like Alfaparf Milano Nutrive mask once a week all year round, will not only help to tame your frizz but add moisture to your hair all year. Make it part of your hair routine, adding a mask in for atleast 10 minutes once a week will make a huge impact on your hair from day to day, adding moisture, nourishment and softening your hair.

5 – Protect your hair from the sun
Just like our skin our hair also needs to be protected from sun damage. This can be done with the help of products or shielding your hair from the sun. Try looking for products with a spf factor for hair, these are perfect to just pop in your hair and head straight out to the garden. If you can’t find a product then try simple things like wearing a sun hat or a lightweight head scarf to keep your hair out of the sun. This will help protect your hair from loosing its natural moisture and drying out in the sun producing frizz!

6- Lisse Design
Now this one isn’t for at home but it is something to think about if you want a more permanent option to help your frizz. Alfaparf Milano Lisse Design is a service we do at Talking Heads, it is a 3 month smoothing blow dry. Lisse Design is available to all hair types with 3 different techniques that help to tailor this service to clients individual needs. Using keratin to smoothen and calm frizz it produces shiny and more manageable hair. Lisse Design lasts 3 months and includes all the home care you will need to ensure you get the full potential out of this service.
If you feel this maybe something that would benefit from then please get in touch and our trained stylist Amy and Maryann will be happy to answer any of your questions.

So there you have it, as much as frizz can be a pain in the arse it can be managed with the help of great products or some imagination into new ways to style your hair. With the Lisse Design you now also have an option for all year round hassle free and frizz free hair.

Stay home and stay safe,
Love Amy & Lorna x

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